Herbs for Weight Loss

East Meets West (NEW ebook!)
Holistic Nutrition for Maximum Weight Loss

Use the combination of Western nutritional principles and the dietary therapy practiced in traditional Chinese medicine to take a practical, effective, and nourishing approach to burning fat.

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Astra 18 Diet Chinese Herbal Formula
Chinese herbs weight loss formula. Benefits digestion, dissolves fat, improves metabolism. A great mix of Chinese herbs…more


Meal Mover Chinese Herbal Formula
For trouble losing weight due to food stagnation. Activates peristalsis for those with sluggish digestion…more


CarbCrave Complex
CarbCrave Complex is a formula that supports healthy neurotransmitter metabolism, affecting the appetite and mood centers of the brain…more


Astra Diet Chinese Herbal Tea
Chinese herbs control appetite and improves digestion. Use with all weight loss programs…more


Black Dragon Chinese Herbal Formula
Black Dragon is a Chinese herbal formula based on a contemporary weight loss formula developed in China…more


Promotes weight loss, reduces blood glucose, increases lean mass. Reduces fats from adipose tissue, increases glucose sensitivity, antioxidant activity…more


Supports satiety and healthy lean mass synthesis by providing a unique blend of vegetarian protein, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and superfruit antioxidants. …more